Directional Finance are real people with real-world experience. In days gone by, your local bank manager was your friend. They knew you, knew your situation and knew what you wanted to achieve. Directional Finance fill the gap left by the bank manager of old. Their passion is helping people succeed just like they have and enriching you with the benefit of their experience.
Caroline Mundey
Mortgage Broker
0421 211 004

Caroline brings a diverse professional background to the table, having worked as an Audit Manager with a Chartered Accountant in England and fulfilling various administrative roles while assisting and managing small businesses in Australia. Through these experiences, she has honed a rich skill set in startup support and systems management. Since 2010, Caroline has dedicated herself to the mortgage broking industry, driven by her previous collaboration with a professional property investor. Her true passion lies in guiding individuals through the journey of purchasing their first home, armed with an extensive understanding of the available options and grants. As a Mortgage Broker, Caroline finds immense satisfaction in witnessing her clients save substantial amounts of money that now reside in their own pockets rather than in the hands of financial institutions. Alongside raising her five young adult children, she firmly believes that her extensive experience, coupled with her problem-solving aptitude, proves invaluable in navigating the ever-changing financial landscape. This unique perspective enables Caroline to excel in finding solutions where others may falter. Beyond her professional endeavours in mortgage broking, Caroline cherishes quality time spent with her loved ones and pets. She finds joy in leisurely walks along the beach and embarking on new adventures across the globe. Caroline's commitment to her clients and her multifaceted background make her a trusted and reliable Mortgage Broker who goes above and beyond to help individuals achieve their financial goals.

Libby Tuhoro
Business & Operations Manager
0432 588 231

Our dedicated Business & Operations Manager, Libby, is an invaluable member of our team, combining her friendly and compassionate nature with exceptional expertise in customer service. Libby has consistently demonstrated her commitment to enhancing our operations and ensuring an unparalleled client experience. While her role primarily operates behind the scenes, Libby's wealth of knowledge and life experience equips her to handle any challenge with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness. Her unwavering passion for assisting others drives her to go above and beyond, ensuring that our clients always feel valued and supported.

Bernedeen Denton
Client Service Manager
0403 587 562

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